Simple Rooms with private bathroom

Real beds and pillows, hot water shower, fan, Wi Fi and keys so you can safely lock your goods.

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Rooms with double beds

Our current 5 available rooms have their own bathroom, no sharing.

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Sunrise view

Volcanic mountain ranges, trees and birds are part of what you can see out from our rooms and deck, not bad at all.

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Find us northeast from SJO Int airport

Our place is right behind or next to the Coffee Bean Monument, depending on how you want to look at it, in a small town known as El Cacique de Alajuela.

Before the 1950's El Cacique was one of the biggest coffee producing regions in the country, made by real simple men and women that worked hard and respected nature, after giving their lands, for not much, to the so called development, all of those great people have been forgotten, a lot of them my relatives. Now days we have the Panamerican highway and the Juan Santamaria International airport around us, all there is left to remember those days is the concrete coffee bean, just a landmark.



To International travelers only

Costa Rica Airport Lodge is dedicated exclusively to real travelers from around the globe, no locals allowed.